Perform with discretion and responsibility

Something, it is very important and you should keep in mind that your analysis will have a consistency if you have sound knowledge of the different branches of trading. This will help to improve decision making.

Subsequently, monitoring operations should be performed both in operations that are in the demo account and in the same newspaper. Remember that anything that makes sense if you enter after it is not evaluated. The idea is that you get to build a newspaper with a large sample of trades between 3 and 4 months to obtain information on the efficiency of the strategy or the various systems that you are measuring.

Note that in a fast and powerful way you can discover which areas of trading which lacks knowledge or skills or you just do not have a formal knowledge. Moreover discover which strategies should stop using. Remember that operating real accounts is the result of a combination of:
• Solid and formal study
• Constant practice
• Monitoring and feedback

In addition, the paper will help you operate prudently from the constant discipline. To learn trading, you must go through three stages clearly marked and defined such as formal education, strategy and operating reliable and in real. If you do it this way, you avoid losing money so absurd.

There are many other indicators that, although not a decisive influence on the quarterly GDP, have a high degree of predictability in meaning, such as employment reports or factory inventories as we provide valuable information about the good or economy malfunction studied.

Well friends, operate with discretion and responsibility can only understand the market and forex. Because we know that good information builds trust, we are where we are consistent winners.