Market Entry

You can notice that two TD Sequential are good for GBP / USD. The numbers correspond to the TD Setup show in green and red numbers at TD Countdown. We can see a bearish in the case if first TD Setup is complete and perfect as the condition for it (up to 8-9 bars than the maximum of the bars 6-7). After this Setup TD Countdown begins to confirm and give the signal to sell. Note that during this countdown, it begins a new bassist TD Setup that is not confirmed ultimately and is canceled by the subsequent appearance of a bullish Setup TD.

Market Entry
After completing both the TD Setup pattern as the countdown, it will enter the market following one of three ways suggested by Tom DeMark in terms of risk and aggressiveness that the trader is willing to assume.

• Just after entering the confirmation of the countdown. This entry is, according to DeMark, which involves more risk but the option that allows a closer approximation to the pivot point of the market. It is open after the closing operation of the sail number 13 which completes the countdown.
• Enter the market when there is a close higher than the close of the previous candle quarter, in case of purchase, or when there is a close below the close of the fourth candle on a sale. Of course, both must have been completed countdown. This option assumes less risk, later entering the market but most likely a sign of success.
• The last option is DeMark proposed entry into the market when, after completion of the countdown, we have a close higher than the maximum of the second candle above if this is a purchase, or when we get a close below the minimum of the second candle if we have a previous sale.