What is Forex?

Forex is an abbreviated form of Foreign Exchange. Forex can be simply understood as the trading (purchase and sale) of foreign currencies. The major “players” in the Forex are Euro/Dollar, Dollar/GBP, Dollar/Yen (mostly the currencies of developed countries with strong economy).

The exchange rate of these currencies are never constant, they keep on fluctuating, which in turn creates an opportunity for us to earn money. Forex trading is pretty similar to the stock trading (or liquidity trading).

The whole concept is to buy a particular currency when it’s price is low and sell it when it sore high. Since the fluctuation is not much, you need to trade in sufficient volume to realize the profit. In the initial period, take a safer course (if possible try to manage a demo Forex account) and explore all the concepts stored within it.

Once, you get a good grasp over the Forex trading, I am sure that you wouldn’t mind investing your millions in it. A magnificent number of people are trading in Forex and you can join the same without any kind of confusion.